Hidden Creek HOA Committees

All committees are approved by the Directors and committee actions are subject to Director approval for any deviations from published policy, new construction, actions requiring un-budgeted expenses or any action that could incur a fine or other disciplinary action. Committees will elect their own chair unless previously appointed by the President of our Association.

If you are interested in serving on or Chairing any of theses committees, please contact the Board of Directors.

The Architectural Control committee reviews all resident construction requests for any construction within the association covered by the Covenants and Restrictions in our Declaration of Protective Covenants for Hidden Creek dtd May, 1996. Following review they may recommend necessary actions to the Directors (Approve, Disapprove, Approve with Modifications or Approve as a Variance).

Glen McAlpin - 256-783-2017 (Chair)
Greg Williams - 256-430-3154

Review practicality and applications of the by-laws, covenants, restrictions and community rules. Recommends changes and assists in their assimilation.

Serve as a base for the nominations committee.

Volunteers still needed.

Will Johnson - 256-282-1862 (Chair)
Joan Mitchell - 256-655-4309

The committee monitors clubhouse and pool operations for safety, security and cleanliness. It recommends any maintenance, repairs or improvements for cleanliness and/or continued safe operation to the Board of Directors and ensures hired contractors are fulfilling obligations to the HCHOA’s standards.

For clubhouse events, this committee oversees and maintains a Clubhouse Reservations calendar for member sponsored and attended functions, provides an inventory list for review and acceptance during reserved functions, posts inventory sheets inside the clubhouse, checks for discrepancies or abuse of the clubhouse and pool following a reserved function and manages applicable deposits for use of association amenities turning them in to the HCHOA Treasurer.

John Axtell – 571-232-4693 (Chair)
Donna Hall - 256-603-3074 (Reservations)
Daniel Coltey - 334-414-2374
Bob Hagood - 256-690-4834

Volunteers welcomed

This committee publishes information of community concern either by placing and removing Hidden Creek sign posts, and distributing letters as applicable.

Volunteers needed.

Elaine Kinion - 386-453-8796

This committee helps with the patrol of the community to help ensure the safety of its residents and their property, contacts the local authorities regarding any extra patrols of the community needed for suspicious activities occurring in the community, maintains a group of Block Wardens to monitor neighborhood security and alerts the community to threats or intrusions while keeping a liaison with the Madison County Sheriff's Office Watch Program.

Jim McWhorter - 256-830-9961 (Chair)
Raul Calzada - 256-509-2793
Daniel O. Dean - 256-682-3961
Anas Alrobiai - 256-520-8946

Volunteers still needed.

This committee participates in, monitors condition of, and advocates for community involvement in maintaining entry ways and common areas to augment contracted services in keeping a tasteful and appealing community property.

This involves periodic awareness through visitation/inspection of stated areas and notification of concerns to the Board of Directors and associated contractors.

Chair and volunteers still needed.

This committee consists of the Board of Directors and handles the day to day finances of the HCHOA. They will meet once per quarter to discuss HCHOA financial status and initiatives. This committee disseminates the financial status of the HCHOA to any homeowner requesting such information and documentation.

This committee is responsible for neighborhood community social activities. They notify HCHOA members of functions, organize event particulars and ensure cleanup of any common areas utilized during a community social function.

Chair and additional volunteers still needed.

Janice Greenleaf - 256-837-7416
Peggy Stimpson - 256-468-9990
Jayne Axtell - 251-622-7092 (set up/clean up)

This committee physically welcomes new residents of our community and assists them in getting to know our community. The committee ensures that new residents are aware of our covenants, restrictions and by-laws and that they have their pool cards.

Volunteers still needed.

Jayne Axtell - Chair 251-622-7092
Tamra Riley - 256-430-3107