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Annual Meeting Results and Dues

Due to the COVID pandemic, the HCHOA Board chose to forego a physical meeting for March 2021. Voting is closed and results will be attached to the newsletter link below and with minutes posted shortly following.

For a quick update:

After much deliberation, Connie Wilson has decided to step down due to overarching life concerns and Kathi Pope has stepped down after her extended service on the Board. Since two eligible candidates were nominated, and since voting was neck and neck between the two, both Amy Hester and Robby Koester will now serve on the Board of Directors as the Vice President and President, respectively. Congratulations and we thank you for your service to the HCHOA!

The Budget was approved without opposition.

The traffic sign changes along Clouds Creek Drive were disapproved.

The speed limit changes were disapproved but after some research it turns out that they are already set at the maximum residential speed of 25 MPH.

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Approved minutes available here

Get Involved

The Hidden Creek community is protected by a community watch program. To get involved, please contact us at


Report Crimes

If you become aware of a crime in Hidden Creek, please report it immediately to the Madison County Sheriff's Office (256.533.8820) and the Association. It is important for our community to be aware of crimes committed in Hidden Creek so that everyone can take additional precautions. Your identity will be kept confidential.


Large Item Trash Pickup

Large item trash is picked up by the county during the first full week of each month. The notice to all homeowners of the policy regarding when trash items can be placed in the street can be viewed here:   Trash Nuisance Letter

Additional information on Madison County's Waste Control and Recycling policy and what items may be placed on the street is available at the Madison County Large Item Trash Collection Information and District 4 Large Debris Collection.


Mailbox Information

Mailbox parts/replacement information: Contact Mel Northey Company at 800-828-0302. Hidden Creek uses the standard mailbox, stock no. 5818B in black.